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What do you prefer in a dancer? Beautiful expression/artistry and so-so technique, or very nice, strong technique and "okay" expression? Or would you prefer a dancer with a perfect balance of both techinque and artistry?


Obviously only a very, very lucky few have both strong technique AND wonderful expression!


Every day I struggle with technique. I have bad turnout, low extensions, I'm very unflexible, low arches, and the list goes on. But performing, artistry, passion and really "dancing" come very naturally to me. But because of my poor technique I'm afraid it will be impossible for me to "go pro".


So, I'm wondering, can one make it on passion alone?


By the way, sorry if this has already been discussed.

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In order to become a professional dancer it is really not a matter of prefering one thing over another. One is not a professional dancer without both technique and artistry.

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Guest MissBallet

I have the same problem! I am so-so flexible (I'm in splits on both sides) and i have OK turnout. I still need to work on my pointe and extensions and, like you, the list goes on. I talked to my ballet teacher and she told me...


"Your expression and passion is improving...you are not all that behind in technique, it will get there. Just keep your chin up. We all advance at different levels. You are doing fine. Never loose the passion you have for this art! You will get there, it will all come, just not overnight."




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I guess I kind of worded my question wrong. I didn't mean to ask if one can make it as a professional without technique (obviously you cannot). What I meant to ask was if a company will accept you if you have average technique, but very good expression. I mean, ballet is not just all about how high you can lift your leg, and how fast your turns are, right?

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I worry because my technique doesn't seem to be getting any better any time soon.


But, maybe I'm just thinking too much. If I make it, I do, If I don't, I don't.

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Technique is not all about high extensions and turns either. It's a whole lot more than that. However, you have to realize that it takes a very long time to train a dancer, and you are not expected to be at a professional level at 13. :angry:

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