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I've only been here @Brownsville, Texas for 8months. Does anyone know of any schools here that teach beginner adult classes and that are fabulous for technique and training. I looked through the other threads and all I've seen for Texas is the Dallas,Fort. Worth, San Antonia area. Is there a way I can avoid a long drive ( as I don't actually drive myself) and still get a great school. I know it's a bit hopeless for an old person like me to be starting up with this type of thing, but I'd rather learn the right way with something I love than cop out and learn bad form.. even if there is the high possibility that I will never become a pro.


Please help.

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This is a very late response to your question Juli, but my daughter took a few classes at Deborah Case dance studio in McAllen last summer. I know McAllen isn't right around the block for you, but at least it's closer than San Antonio. One of our dancers locally used to dance for Laredo Ballet Theater (think her teacher's name was Kirkpatrick). I will ask her if she can recommend a school in Brownsville. I know there are fabulous dancers from Monterrey, though. Our company hires several for Nutcracker every year. I believe Monterrey has a professional company although I can't recall the name. Since Mexico is closer than McAllen, you might consider contacting someone over there to see if anyone lives in or has retired to South Padre. It's a possibility! Good luck to you in your search.

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I, too had missed this post. I wonder if you looked at the Regional Dance America website for schools in your area, if you might get some help.


I do know there were a couple of South Texas schools at YAGP in Irving this past year. Maybe if you looked at their site you would find one of these schools referenced. At the very least, you could contact the school in McAllen, and see if they know of something in Brownsville.

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Thanks sgmca! My daughter took class at McAllen Ballet. I tend to get those two confused. Juli, Ballet de Monterrey has an English version, so you can contact them via their website if you don't speak Spanish. It's Ballet de Monterrey

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