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Hidden Cost of Boarding Schools

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Your DD will be busy I am sure. BUt when not busy, "boredom" can be expensive!!! Those down times that might need filling on a Sunday can add up. So have DD get in the habit of finding inexpensive activities. Movies add up quickly. Eating out due to "cafeteria burnout" can add up also. The incidental budget is always too low!! Even a trip to Walmart seems to add up.

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My daughter has a set of dollar store dishes that can be washed and reused for cooking in her microwave, heating tea and hot cocoa, etc. Same with utensils. The cost of paper plates and utensils can get costly, as they tend to dole them out like candy to friends without such a supply... :D


Dish soap, spray cleaner, a broom or small vacuum, cleaning cloths, etc. are important to have, but may not get used as often as mom would like... :thumbsup:

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I am amazed at the postage expenses we have had! I like to send those care packages - I think it's a great "pick me up" for DD. We also did the cell to cell family plan. It has been great! She has even called her brother whose away for college and not had to worry about minutes. There are enough free minutes to call friends and grandparents.

Visits are another expense that is more than I thought it would be. I stash a small amount from my paycheck for my "visiting money." Last trip I was good and spent only the cash I had on hand!

I think I may have to try the credit card with the airline that cahill mentioned. I think that would really pay off!

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Don't know if she'll be living in a dorm or not. If not (as in a setup like Washington Ballet), she'll need Internet hookup for a computer (preferably a laptop). That's critical. But in order to get an Internet hookup, she may need to have a landline phone so that's an additional monthly expense along with the cost of the phone itself.


If she does need to do this, check carefully into all the options available. Sometimes an apt. complex will have a wireless modem, sometimes not. There are various package deals that can be gotten for phone service and Internet. Daughter spent a full two months or more figuring all of that out before she felt like she understood enough to sign up for a package deal.

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Wow! What great info about costs I hadn't even thought of, thank you. My list of "Must Do's" now includes contacting my medical insurance company to check for coverage, check cell phone plan, investigate different internet access plans, shop for laptop, establish a frequent flyer credit card,set up automatic deposit for "trip fund" and start an "extra postage fund" with my extra change.

It's not quite long enough yet though ,to keep my mind off of how much I'll miss having her around :angry:


P.S.Does anyone know where they carry NICE extra long comforters for less $?

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Another hidden cost is driver's ed. At my high school I would have gone to if I had not gone to a boarding school, I would have gotten to take driver's ed during school for no extra cost. But now, I will have to take it during a summer or winter holiday vacation and pay extra money for the driving school.

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