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For being a small school they always seem to have a fair amount of men. I worked with two this winter at Peoria Ballet, and went to an SI with two others. I am all for building confidence in dancers, but you know, with men thats not always the best idea. The ones I met liked to display the confidence the they had in their dancing. :ermm:


Their training was fine though. Its in the middle of the Michigan boonies so it wouldnt be the urban enviroment some of the larger schools offer.

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All I know is that Jefferson Baum is director of the dance program there. He is also the director of the dance program at Blue Lake Fine Arts camp, which is how we know him. My son liked him immensely and felt that he was a great instructor.


We passed by the college on the way home from Blue Lake last summer. It IS out in the boonies! :ermm:

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Thanks for the info. My daughter has been to Blue Lake and is familiar with Jefferson Baum and liked him a lot. I am glad to hear the dancers are well trained, although perhaps a little overconfident.

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