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Finally noticed in class


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I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but the AAD has finally noticed that I'm in class. On Monday night and Saturday she was yelling out corrections to me like crazy. I'm like, "what did I do to suddenly get noticed?!" On the one hand I'm sort of glad because I have felt invisible the entire time I've been there. On the other hand now I know she's watching and I try to focus on everything she tells me and end up concentrating on one thing and letting another thing slip (for instance.....she told me to watch my hand and suddenly my turnout went down the toilet!). :wub: She said in class, "do any of you take the corrections I give to other people and apply them to yourselves?" I do. I really, honestly do. My mind tries to tell this 29 year old body what to do and sometimes the body just doesn't want to listen!


One of my friends told me I'm starting to be noticed because I have continued to go and continued to do as much as I can while recovering from the toe surgery. Could this be the case? Also, she is sort of hard to talk to (always in a rush), so how do I let her know that a- I really am trying to do everything she says even though my body probably looks otherwise and b- that I appreciate her giving me the corrections?


Also......is it a good thing I finally got above the radar? Does that mean I'm doing something right or just trying really hard and she sees the effort, or I'm just so bad that she couldn't stand not saying anything to me anymore?




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Guest silverfighter

I think it's good, at least for you, that you got "above the radar" as you said. I was told by a ballet teacher many years ago that she doesn't "waste corrections" on people who aren't putting forth their best effort and trying. So I always took it as a compliment when an instructor spends time correcting and helping me. To return the favor, I try to focus on whatever I was told. But I don't think ballet teachers expect us to be perfect, to apply the correction every time without letting anything else go. Just keep working hard. Your teachers will notice.



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Guest sally-mandy

WendyMichelle: You could make yourself crazy trying to figure out what's in your teacher's mind, so I hope you'll go easy on yourself. If you're doing your best and you're happy with your effort, I think she will see it.

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WM -

She obviously knows you are 29 and not 17 (I'm assuming). I'd suggest you stop her after class to talk; it only takes a couple of seconds to ask for clarification; I can't imagine that she'll walk away if you are standing right in front of her. You'll drive yourself crazy second guessing. I'm not sure she needs to know that you are trying to do everything, perhaps you would get better feedback if you asked for some exercises for strength or flexibility to work on the areas/technique where she thinks you need improvement.

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When she corrects you, make eye contact with her, smile, nod, and try to apply the correction. That's sufficient.


It's easy to forget the simple things like eye contact and a nod when you're concentrating so hard. I had to be reminded to do these simple things because I get so caught up in my own world. But I've gotten MUCH more feedback and help once I stated doing this :thumbsup:

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I try to smile, nod, do the correction and I also always say "thank you." I then really try to work out the correction in detail in the gap, say changing sides, or whatever. But always 'thank you.'

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I've tried talking to her after class but she's always in a hurry. I shot her a quick email and I know she got it.......because she gave me more corrections tonight! I did the smiling and nodding bit and really tried to keep the correction throughout the class. She also said something to the girls about trimming up for upcoming performances, then congradulated me in private on losing some weight and toning up. So that put me on cloud nine! I actually wore a pair of pants today that I haven't fit into for over two years!


So I think this was a good thing afterall. And one of the really (as in REALLY) good girls told me tonight that I'm doing really well too. So it's nice that my "peers" are noticing the effort as well. =)

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Is it really possible to make eye contact, smile, and say thank you when getting corrected in the middle of an exercise? I just keep staring grimly ahead, because at that point I'm concentrating extra hard. Is it worth breaking your line? - because I certainly want to encourage corrections.



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Eventually, with experience, dancers are able to smile politely to teachers making corrections. Don't worry too much about it though. One day it may happen naturally and you may not even notice. Smiling comes by being conscience of doing it and with more confidence.


What really encourages teachers is seeing the results of their corrections.

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