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rad higher grade syllabus for boys


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i was at the online rad shop and saw the grade 6 and 7 syllabus for boys. i know that previously, higher grades were only available for girls, so does that mean that now boys can take the higher syllabus as well? i'm really curious about this, so i hope someone (major mel?:D ) can tell me about it

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That is a good question. Even in London (at RAD Headquarters and other schools), there is NO single class offering RAD boys syllabus (6 + 7).


Where are you located Sapphirenite?

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knock knock (YD here)

i had heard this as well, i can't really remember where, but i have a feeling it has come up on BT before.

i think it's great they've brought it in


luv belle

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Yes, it is new this year. I just got a copy of the written material, and I'm not done studying it yet. What I see so far, I like.

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Mel, could you give some indication of the content please? Many thanks

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