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I think I might have hypoextension. My teacher has also noticed that my knees arn't as straight as they could be, so she gave me a stretch to work on. She said just pretend like your going to walk up the stairs, then, put both feet on 1 step-make sure only the ball of your foot is on the stair, and then relax your ankles and let your heels drop. I do feel the stretch, but I was just wondering if it does any good for helping strech your knees, and if this stretch is stretching the right spot. Thank you!

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Actually, that is an achilles tendon stretch, and one that is a bit worrisome for students who might not know how to control it and do too much.


As for the knees, the best one I know is to sit on the floor with your legs out straight in front of you. Place a worn out tennis ball under your knee, flex your foot, and squash the tennis ball. This will make the quads and the knee work. :shrug:

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Ah, thank you Ms. Leigh. I've actually heard heard of this strech on this website before. I've tried it once, but I guess I missed the part about flexing my feet. I'll continue to use this stretch. Thank you!

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Thanks for the advice


I have a huge problem with that as I am reakky hyperextended...Ill see if it helps me


Thanks anywhere



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Remember - this thread talks about hypOextension, not hypERextension!

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