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upper body posture

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My teacher says I look small or my movements look small.

I guess she is getting at my upper body and arm posture.

Does anyone know where/what I have to work in order to give big impression, that my arm movement or body movement create bigger impression ?? (I don’t know the word to explain this problem! )

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Hello take, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :(


My guess is that you are small, and you need to learn to move and use space like a bigger dancer. Either that, or you just don't fully stretch your arms and move them fully in all directions. Keep the port de bras further away from your body and your head. Be sure to go through a full port de bras to each position and carry it to the furthest extent that you can and then continue it by opening it upward or outward to come down. Feel like you are very long, and very wide, and taking up a lot of space in the room. :)

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Thank you very much for your advice!

Yes, my problem is just how you describe.

I am medium length and have rather long arms and long legs. I understand that I have to work harder to carry the each position to the farther extension.

Some period it goes much better and some period it is not very good. :D

I wonder if it is just a matter of how much I concentrate on that issue and remember to do so, or I might lack of some strength...? or I need more flexible (?) movement

I try to concentrate on this more than other things and see how it gets better.

There are many things to remember in each movement and technique !

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