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Birthday Bummer


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I turned 45 yesterday. That is not the Bummer but I guess I should update my profile next.

I took myself off to class for the first time im maybe a month, even though my injured knee might not be quite perfect yet. I figured it would do my morale some good. I was psyched to be going.

The family had already been over to celebrate with me on Sunday so I had the early evening to myself, but I got to the studio and found class had been cancelled for the day.

There were kids around filming a commercial for the upcoming performance...I should have checked the website......

I did get to amuse the girls with a child size and style dance bag a friend of mine sent me; she thinks she is funny but I love it. My shoes and a water bottle fit in it... The girls all laughed and sang to me. I was disappointed I didn't get to have class but I didn't leave cranky in the end.



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Guest pink tights

Happy Belated Birthday!!


Did your friend give you the 'ballet box' dance bag? The one with the shelf on the bottom? Love that one! I had one as a kid and my dd had one. A classic!

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Happy Belated Birthday!!


Thank you for the birthday wishes.

The dance bag is a pink printed cloth one in a tote bag style. It is 12 inches high and wide and 5 inches deep. I guess it is really not all that small; It just wont fit the clothes I take off when it is time for class. We don't have any sort of locker room. Our stuff just gets dumped in the corner.

The bag has tiny white flowers all over and tiny ballet slippers as well. On the front there is one pair of larger appliqued satin ballet slippers with little rosettes on the vamps and a ribbon sewn on above them like pointe shoe ribbons. There are even a few sequins on the satin shoes. It really is adorable.

Now I am not sure my friend was thinking this was a gag after all. She doesn't really have any idea what the big girls carry to class. I could start a trend. The 8 year olds will be drooling over it for sure.


I really have to thank my friend again.


Have a great day.



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