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im sorry if there is already a topic on this, but i couldn't find one, so sorry if this is a repeat. ok, as you may have guessed, i pronate. the question is, is there anything i can do about it? i already have arch supports, i am going to a podiatrist soon to have them largened and strengthened, but are there any other ways which i can help reduce pronating? when i was younger i had turned in knees, (which is very odd, because my hips are very loose now and i now have quite good turnout) could this be the reason at all? :)


thanks in advance!

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Thank You! :D

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Would that possibly be "orthotics", sugarplum? :ermm: Actually, the original poster already stated that she had arch supports and was returning to the podiatrist to have them adjusted.

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I pronate too! My Podiatrist says that you can't change this. That is what your feet will always naturally do. So, using orthotics or arch supports is the way to position your foot so that it is guided correctly and doesn't roll in. Just don't forget (like I often do :) ) to move these to any shoe you are wearing.

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I know you pronate Emma. :thumbsup: When i first got my arch supports I was told that they help with "muscle memory" and they allow the muscles of the arch to "remember the position" and build strength in the area. Is this true? I mean, my feet aren't going to be reshaped, but will the arch supports actually help in this way? Or do they work differently? :thumbsup:



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They work about the way you describe.


When I was a toddler, I had this awful tendency to supinate so badly that I would walk on the outside of my feet, I mean with the ankleball touching the ground. My parents followed the wisdom of the day and got me training shoes that were connected by a steel bar between them, so that I could not do that. The ends of the bar were fastened to the shoes on a swivel, so that I could motivate forward and backward, but not side-to-side. Thank heaven my parents were soft-hearted. If I remember what little toddlerhood I can, some of the things I pulled, I would have hung me by the bar upside-down from a hook!


I found that appliance a couple of years ago, while cleaning out the basement. Talk about ambivalent feelings!

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Thats so funny! Slightly worrying though. It's interesting to see the different methods people have used... :thumbsup:


Wow! I just realized, I can't even get my ankle bones to touch the ground, let alone walk that way. Oh! One more question :(


Does the fact that I used to have inturned knees possibly have anything to do with my pronating? I don't know if it does because I actually have loose hip joints and have quite good turnout now...

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