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Floor barre for men


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In my current class, the instructor starts us off with about 15-20 minutes of floor barre. We spend part of this time lying prone with our torsos elevated and propped up on our arms.


Now, for me (the only man in the class besides the instructor) this is problematic, because a good deal of my weight at this juncture is concentrated on one particular area of my body. It is in the nature of the dancebelt that the area of which I speak - decorum forbids me to be specific about this "area," but I think you get my drift - is peculiarly vulnerable to just this kind of weight and pressure.


For some of these floor exercises I can push up my entire torso so that my thighs bear the weight instead. But that's not always possible, and I find myself occasionally being distracted by pain and discomfort.


The instructor is a former member of the corps and has two young children, so he has survived floor barre without permanent damage. Still, I am bashful about asking him his secret.


Is there a secret, or am I just doing something wrong?

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Do ask your teacher. After all, he is there to help, and can see what you're doing. Perhaps you are bending at the wrong place in the back when you're propped up as you describe. I can't tell - I can't see you. Believe me, he'll understand!

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