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Company Life: Pros and extra classes


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I was wondering what the standard practice was for allowing company members and apprentices to take class in the top level of a company affiliated school if permission is obtained from the teacher (who's also the ballet master/mistress of the company)?


Isn't this common practice? :)

I'm interested to hear how different companies approach training for thier apprentices and dancers. Is open classes (expensive for an unpaid apprentice) at an outside studio the only option?


Should there be different "rules" for former students of the school who are apprentices and for people who had to audition for apprentice spots?


Just curious what the standard is (if there is any in this ridiculous to navigate world of ballet. :lol: )

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in my company, company members, apprentices, and trainees are allowed to take the upper level classes for no cost.

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I kinda thought that was the standard. I want to hear more responses (like this or otherwise). Just out of curiosity :hyper:

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In my dd's company - she is able to take any class in the associated school when she is not busy with company class or rehearsals. When she first joined the company, she wasn't very busy so she would take a second class in the afternoons in one of the higher levels of the school. She didn't have to pay for them, and she only asked permission of the teacher right before taking class. I would think that any teacher would be happy to have a company member in class - it is great for the students to see what they are working towards.

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The Joffrey School always offered school class free to company members, and still does, I believe, but the geographical separation of the two entities renders this benefit somewhat diminished.

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Our company members, apprentices and trainees (Studio Co. members) may take the advanced school classes when they are not rehearsing.

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Same here.

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