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Victoria Leigh

Not Permitted---Advertisements

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Victoria Leigh

Please do not register to post advertisements for ANYTHING on Ballet Talk for Dancers. We have forums where certain information can be posted, but we do not allow press releases or ads about schools, summer programs, school performances, master classes, etc.. We also do not allow anyone to post about selling something. That is what ebay is for. Press releases about professional performances are allowed, and certain announcements of auditions and/or situations which provide work for dancers, or dance people, are permitted. When in doubt, it is always better to ask first.


Full members of Ballet Talk may post informational announcements about professional performances or jobs. No posts about schools except in the proper forum for that school.


Ballet related businesses may be shown in signature link by Full Members only, at the discretion of the moderating team.


All posts that are ads or press releases which we consider to be inappropriate for Ballet Talk for Dancers will be deleted immediately.

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