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how can you strengthen your toes for pointe?


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my ankles are pretty strong and im not that bad with pointe, but i have really flexible feet so I have some trouble going onto the platform on one leg in the center when there is no plie and i know that i use my arms at the barre :) . If anyone could help with this that would be great- thanks!

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The toes and the ankles strengthen by DOING pointe work, and by NOT placing weight into your arms while at the barre! :)


(Moved this post here because it is a technique question, not a shoe question!)

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I have found that doing some releves and eleves, In first on both feet, then one foot at a time, has REALLY helped me strengthen my feet :thumbsup: . I try to do it every day and it has allowed me to work for longer amounts of time on pointe and get on the toe without plie with ease :)

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Echappee's and bouree's en pointe are great {off barre} and helped me lots. Be sure to first show your teacher, so you know you're practicing correctly, though!

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