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Guest lowedancestudioroxmysox5

In our ballet preformance of Don Q i do one of the Kitri variations (the one with the grand jetes) and i was wondering if anyone had any tips to make me look more spanish like hand gestures etc.

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The style of Kitri should be taught when you learn the variation. It is built in! :) If your teacher did not do this, then the best thing would be to watch the professional videos of Don Q. The costuming, hair, head piece, make up, and attitude all are a part of finding the character of the variation, plus of course knowing the story of the ballet and who Kitri is!

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(I didn't feel that I needed to start a new topic for this, but please move if neccisary)

I am also doing a Kitri variation, it is the one with the neat jumps and all of the pirrouettes at the end (19 to be specific). As I am going down the floor, my teacher always tells me that I'm leaning to one side, but I can't feel it, so it makes it very hard to correct. I always try to think of pulling up more but she says that I'm still doing it. Any suggestions?

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This used to be an extreme solution, but in these days of electronic recording, it no longer requires Cecil B. de Mille to accomplish. Have somebody make a video of you doing the variation. If you can see what you're doing without the distraction of having to do it at the same time, you may be able to effect change! Then destroy the video, if you like, or record over it with the "improved" version. It's better for morale! :yes:

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