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Guest Emily-mei

Hi, my name is Emily. I am 16 years of age and I live in NewZealand!

I randomly just came apon this site only a few minutes ago which wasn't QUITE what i was looking for!

But thought i might aswell have a nose around! It looks interesting, had a quick read of some things...

I see it's nationwide but i'm not quite sure if i'll find anyone from NewZealand in here! Hah!

I myself is a dance student and would love to join in some discussions about Ballet! Which is my passion, and obviously everyone elses on here.


Just one thing - I was having problems trying to access into the other ballet talk forum, i dont understand? It comes up "error blahblah".


Keep up the good work.



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Hello Emily, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :)


Actually, we have a number of dancers from New Zealand who are members here! Please tell us a bit more about you, and your study of ballet.


The other board, our "sister site", requires a registration, the same as this one. You can use your same screen name and password there. Be sure to validate the email that is sent from the board software when you register.

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Xandra, the "other" board is where they discuss ballets, performances, reviews, and other things that are not student, parent, or technique related. :thumbsup: Basically, it's for people who watch ballet but not necessarily dance.

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Jess, unfortunately, Emily is no longer on the board. Her post was almost 3 years ago, and under her name you will notice that it says unregistered. Just keep an eye out for dates when opening very old posts, okay? Thank you :)

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