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A while back one of the students in my current class mentioned another class he attends. I looked it up on the internet, found it on the map, and did a recon trip over there. The main thing is I e-mailed the school and found they have a Thursday evening class for adults. I am going to check it out next week. I can't go this week.

I really wanted to change from my current Friday evening one to a Thursday so I can add a third (Friday noon) warm water class to my schedule to boost me to a 5 day per week activity schedule. I have Tuesday Ballet at the first school. This is supposed to be the best way in the world to get my fibromyalgia and disc trouble under control and keep the rest of me happy too.

I am really excited and hopeful that this school will turn out to be a good one. It is closer to home than the first one and if they have class over the summer it looks like air conditioning will be part of the package unlike the other class (ugh!) and the student who told me about it had good things to say about the teacher. The level is one that changes with the level of the attendees like the one I go to already according to the website.

It is called Bluegrass Youth Ballet in case anyone knows of it or wants to check it out.



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Sounds great! Hope it works out even better than you think :flowers:


FWIW, our neighbor has fibromyalgia, has had it for a long time. She used to do ballet, now does a lot of Morris dancing and English country dancing, plus yoga and pilates. She's absolutely convinced these activities are essential to managing her life. Recently tried Feldenkreis and is very enthusiastic about it too.

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