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What is a CV?

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I received an email from an international dance school that said that I needed to send in a CV with my audition video...exactly what is a CV?

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CV stands for curriculum vitae which is, perhaps, better known as a résumé. Check out the Careers forum for résumé help - there's a sticky devoted to it. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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CVs often contain more information than a regular resume. They include articles written and speaking engagements. But, as a student, those most likely don't apply. Include your educational history along with your dance education and performance experience.

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CVs in Britain follow the following structure - personal details e.g. name, date of birth, contact details. Then education (most recent first.) Then employment history (most recent first). After that you can put other relevant qualifications and experience. Also put a little statement about your interests. Then either the names and contact details of two referees or the phrase 'references available on request.'


I run an international internship at work and this apparently tends to be the pattern followed by most Europeans.


Hope this helps.

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Yes, Kate, I think that's the case. Anyone with less than 5 years professional experience should try and get it done on one page (recto + verso) max. If it's longer, change the font or take out unimportant bits.

The CV is a quick factfile about your strength and experience (so, use bullet points, paragraphs and columns) and it should 'attract' the person who reads it to want to know more about the details (revealed at interview).

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