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Bad Day? More like Bad month!!

Tiiny Dancerx33

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I was just wondering whether it's normal for a young dancer( 13years) to have a bad/rough period of time with their dancing where they have trouble balancing, and they just aren't doing their best.


I was thinking it could be that i was growing so my balance was a little off, but as a very tiny dancer who keeps track of her height very carefully...i can assure you that I didn't grow. :thumbsup:


Anyone ever experience this problem? :thumbsup: What could it be?


Thanks in advance :thumbsup:



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OOO YEESSSS! It happens to everybody, all their lives, in everything they do, for all sorts of reasons. You just have runs of "bad". They always pass. Except for age. That never passes, except to advance. You should too. Press on!

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I am going through something similar but only with pirouettes.

I just can't do them anymore, I lose my balance after 3/4 of a turn when I use to have the ability to do triples! :huepfen:

I do hope it will go away, it makes me very sad.

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Knock, knock...my DD went through the same problem at your age. Remember, you're not just growing in height, but your body is changing too which can definitely throw you off. Don't get discouraged, you're not alone! :D

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