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I'm doing YAGP next year, and i need to learn a modern dance piece to perform. I have never done modern and I need some ideas of a dance I could do. Does anyone have any suggestions of modern pieces that are 2.5 minutes or less, and done on pointe?

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As I understand it, "modern" in the YAGP context means "not from the classical repertoire". Your coach can choreograph one to fit you.

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baking balletdancer, in order to enter YAGP you will need a coach for your classical variation, and a choreographer/coach for the contemporary solo. Your teacher should be either hired to do this for you, or bring in someone to choreograph and coach the contemporary, and you would pay this person for the choreography and the coaching time.

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I already have a coach for my classical variation, and we were trying to figure out if there was something already choreographed that I could do, such as something from Four Seasons, but with no luck. I think she will just choreograph one for me.




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