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I was just wondering if anyone know if you can go back and take Cecchetti exams as an adult? I took some exams when I was younger (much younger). I am now teaching at a small school. The owner was good enough to take me on as a teacher teaching creative movement up to the age of 10 after seeing me assist with classes that my daughter was in. She trusted in my ability rather than qualifications. I would now very much like to get the qualifications, but find this hard to do without the exams. I would also like to improve my knowlege so that I would feel more confident teaching older students.


I don't really have the money or the access to a lot of classes. I live in a small town where the options are limited, but I would like to take some classes and do a lot of work on my own and then get in with another school to do the exams.


Any thoughts?

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Guest lostchyld

I'm unsure of the scope of your question, but you can go back and take the exams as an adult. I'm taking my grade 2 exam this Friday at the age of 21 and there's a dance mom in my class who's taking her teacher's exam this weekend as well.


The only concern I can think of is that the teacher putting you up for the exam has to be confident that you know the material, but that shouldn't be a problem if you know what you're doing.

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One of my Cecchetti teachers took her Adv 2 exam at the age of 50 :-)

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I took Cecchetti Elementary in my mid-30s. You have a choice about dress - whether or not to wear a skirt - and also whether you do the pointework section on pointe or demonstrate it in soft shoes and answer questions to show your understanding of the theory.


Good luck!



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whether you do the pointework section on pointe or demonstrate it in soft shoes and answer questions to show your understanding of the theory.


Good luck!




This applies to students aged 25 and above, right? :cool2:


Hadabel, in London there are quite a few adult students preparing for the Intermediate exam. Age is no problem at all. When you register for the exam, you will be asked about your age as they will try to find other students around your same age. This makes it easier and more relaxing :D

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As far as I know the age restrictions that were in place for RAD have been lifted and now you can be 100 years old if you like. Cecchetti, ISTD, NATD have also followed suit, But some exams you cannot do unless you have taken a certain exam before. You can contact any of the organisations and ask them to send you their exam guidelines.





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i took my first Cecchetti exam five years ago when I was 47!! When I took it, the rule at the time was that you were cut no break for age, etc., and were judged strictly on your abilities. I have heard subsequently that there are different exams for those wishing to teach. We were a Cecchetti studio headquartered in London. They have since become part of the American Cecchetti Society. There may be different rules now. Hope this helps. Leyla

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