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Over obsession

Mel Johnson

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Um, could I have that again? You were so obsessed, you forgot to post any message. :(

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Uh sorry my computer froze! :)

Ok so. I was reading the topic "The 'need' to dance" in the Parents of dancers under 13. (Man, I wish I could post on that topic!) A lot of the parents were talking about having balance between ballet and other activities. When do you cross the line between healthy obsession and over obsession? Is there such a thing of over obsession?

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I think that people toss diagnostic terms around with far too much abandon. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is an anxiety condition that can only properly be diagnosed by a mental health professional.


Here's what the National Institute on Mental Health has to say about it:




Bear in mind that all of us have certain psychological characteristics which describe our behaviors, but these are usually harmless. We say someone is "quirky" or "really into" something, or even, "a little odd"! Generally, these are the harmless situations. When a subject/patient becomes SO "into" something that they are separated from reality, then that's serious mental illness.

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