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Grande Plies in second position


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When I do grande plies in second my feet slide into a more turned out position. IT doesn't hurt and I can get into a lower plie but it feels odd. Is this good bad or does it really matter?

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It depends.


What are your knees doing at the time that your feet go to a more turned out position? Do they travel on the same line that the feet point on the ground? They should!

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Guest Arely

From what I know, it is bad for your feet when your feet slide into a more turned out position. I had the same problem. I wanted to do a deeper plie, but my feet would end up turning.

You've just got to find the right position (how open or close your second should be) so that you can do a deep plie. Also, keep in mind that it is all about turning out your knees, not the feet. Keep your butt in and hold your back as much as possible. I take a really deep breath before doing a grande plie and exhale while going down. It helps.

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One of the reasons your heels may be sliding forward as you deepen your grand plie may be because you do not have enough weight on your heels. You must feel the bottom of your entire foot on the floor at all times you are standing on flat feet, even in demi and grand plie. Shifting your weight to the ball of the foot enables your heels to push too far forward. In order to understand what it means to put your heels on the floor, try to pick your toes up (flex them into the air), as you deepen your plie. Obviously this is not something to do while you are in a class, but investigate what it means to place your body evenly distributed on the whole foot outside of class, so that when it is time to use it in a class it is not something you are "just trying" but something that you are accomplishing.

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