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A couple years ago I was really not flexible. I couldn't hold my foot in my hand, do the splits on either side, or even HOPE to get my leg (even in grande battement!) above 90 degrees. With a lot of strecthing, I can do all that now. During adagio I can develope my leg well above 90 degrees to the side. HOWEVER, when it comes to adagio combinations across the floor, I can't seem to lift my leg. I can develope it very high, but it won't "lift" nice and up. That is, unless I concentrate on it only and NOTHING else. Any exercises to improve it?



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Are you remembering to use the muscles in your torso the same way you use them at the barre? Or are you over-dependent on the barre, and not using the abdominals and other muscles, but "hanging onto the barre"? Remember, extension is a matter of flexibility AND strength.

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