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Anyone know who...


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Anyone know who Sergey Kozadayev and Zhanna Dubrovskaya are from Salt Creek Ballet? Because, there going to be guest teachers at my summer intensive. Also does anyone know who Alan Hineline from CPYB and Nikoloz Makhateli from Ascot Ballet Academy, same with them. Anyway i was just wondering how tough these teachers were, what they look for, how to imprese them in your dancing, etc.



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Xandra, I don't any of these people personally, although I know OF Alan Hineline, who has a fine reputation. But all teachers look for the same thing...students who are there 100%, ready to dance, positive attitude, and willing to learn and try anything! :shrug:

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Anyone know who Sergey Kozadayev .....

Knock, knock, parent of dancer here. My daughter studied with Sergei Kozadayev 9 years ago at the Eglevsky Ballet summer intensive. He also taught at the Eglevsky Ballet during the year and whenever we were in New York, my daughter took his class. He is a very dedicated teacher of the Vaganova technique. We were both extremely impressed with him and very grateful that she had the opportunity to study with him.

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The reputation of the Kozadayev's is extensive amongst teachers familiar with Vaganova training in the US. Together they have produced professional dancers now performing in many professional companies throughout the US. Salt Creek Ballet, a school with a fine reputation under Patricia Sigurdson, continues to maintain a fine reputation in the training of ballet students in the Chicago area since the retirement of Ms. Sigurdson.



Enjoy your summer course!

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