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End of the Year Piece


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Ok, so we started to work on our end of the piece in February. Now we just finished it yesterday, and it is horrible! I don't mean to insult my teacher by any means, but she is making us do all the wrong steps! I am a natural jumper and she puts me in the turning section. My best friend is a great left turner and she is doing all her turns on the right! The music is slow and we are dancing fast. And did I mention sharp movements? Yes. Very sharp movements! I'm sorry, I just need to let off some steam. She yells at us for doing not so well, when she knows all our stregnths and weaknesses. And I don't go to a Dolly Dingle school either! Oh man, I just hope by some miracle she changes the piece by may.

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Is it possible that she is purposely giving you the things that are your weaker movements in order to push you to the next level of accomplishment? :wink: She may well be challenging you to improve your turns if you are a jumper, or vice versa, and to move faster if your strength is adagio! :grinning: After all, you still have quite a bit of time before the performance, and the goal will be to accomplish this work and learn to do the things that are not your natural strengths.

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I agree with Mrs. Leigh. Maybe your teacher was just trying to get you better in diffrent areas. Espically since dancing isn't just one catogory. It's a bunch of diffrent catagories all put together to make one great experince.

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At our concert in October there were 6 girls chosen to be in a turning section. (I'm a jumper by the way) At that time, I doubted if we could really do a good job of these - on stage aswell! But by the time the day arrived, the turns were one of the most comfortable parts of the ballet. In our classes now, we can tell who was in the turning section for concert and who wasn't. It not only built up our confidence but our skill. All the best for the performance and I'm sure everything will work out in the end. :wacko:

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This isn't exactly the same, but it's about our end-of-year piece.


We've been working on our piece for a couple of weeks now. I LOVE my part, but I have a few things which would be soooo nice if Ms. Leigh or Mr. Johnson could clarify for me.


1) I've been doing extensive pointework since April last year. I've gotten pretty decent, too. (I'm not arrogant. Just observant :wub: ) I asked my teacher, when he told a bunch of other girls to put on their pointe shoes for rehearsal, could I do it, too. He said no, he doesn't think so, it wouldn't go good with the group I'm in. He might change his mind, but probably not. My problem here is that the girls he put on pointe for the show have done only like 1 hour's worth of pointe a week all year. And now he's letting THEM perform on pointe. I'm not trying to be egotistical, but it was very dissapointeing, pardon the pun. A little insight into his reasons, if you could, please??????????


2) He let this 13 year old have a SOLO on pointe for the show, and she's not as good as I am AT ALL (again, I'm not saying that out of jealousy. It's just a fact. Everyone knows it.). She piques into arabesque and her legs are bent and her dancing is expressionless. Problem being, I've had my heart set on that sort of part all year. She doesn't appear to care. Insight into this as well?????????


I've spent a couple nights in tears over this. I am absolutely devastated... trying to maintain a good atitude and not be sulky. I'm not trying to have a big ego or anything, just really sadly dissapointed.


Any help?????????????????????????????


thank you

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Guest littlepiggy333
I think that is a good point, but couldn't she work on these things outisde of the piece? Well, I guess thats her style!



I've been in performances where my teachers intentionally switched a friend and I to solos based on what needed work. It helped me SO much--of course you can work on it in class, but performing it gave a whole different pressure that worked wonders.

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