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Hi All,


In the last couple weeks, my class has started blocking our piece for the Spring Recital. We are in the smallest studio at my school, and we have about sixteen dancers in our class. In one part, we have different lines that cross through each other. We're supposed to do sauté arabesque, glisade, saut de chat. However, since we're all crammed together there's no room to actually dance. Several of us collided in this section and again when we moved into different circles, where we were doing a waltz turn, and then two piqué en dedans turns. I'm worried about not having the steps down, because due to the lack of space it's more like marking the dance then doing it full out. My mom's worried about someone getting hurt with all of the collisions.


Should I talk to my instructor about this? There's six weeks left until the performance.



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You may try speaking with your instructor, but chances are the instructor is very aware of the situation and concerned as well. There may be a future plan to alternate studios so that all classes are able to use the larger space equally? It might not hurt to ask the question, but remember there may not be a solution at this time. :D

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