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Inner thighs need help!


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I am having problems with my thighs. I don't think it's so much that I'm using my quads too much (although I'm trying to do that as little as possible too) that I'm not using my inner thighs enough. I'm trying as hard as I can to get my leg well turned out in developpe and such (I should ask my teacher if I am...) and I do strengthening exercises at home, such as the scissor exercise thing when you scissor your legs toward each other turned out in the air but nothing seems to be working.My inner thighs are still unmuscular and not toned at all. Is there anything extra I can do? Help!


PS: sorry if this has already been a topic...my search feature isn't working...

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I don't know...I haven't been on this site in a while, and it wasn't working. It was probably just the connection or something. Thanks so much for that link!


I was thinking about getting the NYCB Workout videos or book...Will that help? And should I get a video or the book? Thanks.

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Should you get the NYCB Workout to help with this particular problem?


It might, but it's a pretty good thing to have around anyway.


Should you get the video or the book?


Yes. :wacko:

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Thanks. Which (the video or the book) would help more? Do you think it matters? Thanks again.

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My answer was especially designed to tell you that you should get both!

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Oh. Now I feel stupid...thanks though!

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