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Hyperextended Knees


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I am a dancer with very hyperextended knees (meaning that when my knees are extended fully, they lock backward). Today in class, we had a new teacher that said for me to stand with my knees slightly bent during my normal day, so that they looked like everyone elses. The reason being is that the quads (she said) are constantly contracted, and the hamstrings are constantly being stretched because of my hyperextension. Standing with my knees slightly bent is supposed to help strengthen my hamstrings and lessen the build up of muscle in my quads. Is this true? It sounds good, but I wasn't sure if it was good information or not. I love the teacher, but she's new, and I wanted a second opinion. Thanks!

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There are many threads regarding hyperextention. Please run a search. I am sure you will find very valuable information that may pertain to your question.


Perhaps what your "new" teacher meant to say was, at first, you could feel as if your legs were slightly bent when not sitting back in your hyperextention. In order for your body to do the real strengthening work necessary for your further development, your legs need to work in a different way. Make sure you engage your thighs and the muscles directly above your knees and lift your weight out of the back of your thighs. Do not sit on your legs when you work. This will require a lot of body strength in order to accomplish well. Ask your "new" teacher to spend a few minutes with you after class so you may better understand what is being asked of you.

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