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What's the use for a hyper extended back? Besides the obvious reason backbends, attidudes, and arebescuses.(Sorry about the spelling to lazy to get a dictionary out.)

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Xandra, there is no real use for a hyperextended back. Flexiblility is good, but hyperflexibility is not that big a help. And please don't be lazy! Keep that dictionary beside the computer and let it help you to learn the language of your art form. :wacko:


PS - It's attitudes and arabesques, and hyperextension. I changed the title for you.

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Good question! I have no idea. :blink:

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Hyperextension, generally defined, is the movement of a joint beyond normal limits. The spine normally hyperextends and returns to neutral. Problems come when a spinal bend is chronic, not controlled or corrected, and does not return to neutral.


Arebescusses, aren't those muskets? Oh wait, that's arquebuses. :blink: Nevermind.

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