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feet in tendues

Guest *dancing!through!life*

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Guest *dancing!through!life*

in class, my teacher corrected me on my feet. She said that I needed to (in front AND to the side) kee my heel forward. I understood her correction, but how should I work on this? :wink: Please help me!


P.S. :D:cool2: this is my first post ever B):rolleyes:

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Hello dancing!thoughlife, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :cool2:


Actually, the correction to get your heel more forward involves the rotation from the hip and the placement of the leg. The teacher needs to show you how and where to place it to make that happen. It starts from the hip, not the foot. And where the leg is placed, especially at the side, is very important in having the leg AND the foot turned out correctly.

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