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The Typical Ballerina

L' Allegro

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I sit up in bad

Put my feet on the floor

(Feet that are red, and bandaged, and sore.)


As I slowly stand up

My legs creak and they ache

Those really deep stretches were an AWFUL mistake.


I go through my day

In a sort of a daze

For I live in a permanent, ballet-world haze.


I get ready for class

And I spray my hair well

(It was really embarrasing last time it fell!)


I arrive at my class

With two minutes to spare

I glance in my bag, hoping my shoes are all there.


We do all the barre

It's painful and slow.

We eagerly wait for the grande allegro.


The jumping arrives

We soar as we leap-

Joy from our dancing is the reward that we keep.




A tribute to the typical ballerina....

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L'Allegro, Didn't I read another poem of yours on this board a while back under the heading "Poetry Corner?" Thanks for posting this. I like your style.

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That's a very special poem. Good job! :thumbsup:

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Yes, I did write it!


You can use it for your school project if you want, just say it's by "L' Allegro"!!!!


That looks like a neat book...but I've never read it. Will have to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I didn't write that one- I wrote the pointe shoe poem in the pointe shoe forum..


Glad you all like it!

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