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L' Allegro

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So many people I know have injuries that are ballet-related. I've heard of barely any professional dancers that are uninjured. Is it inevitable? Can't you just be really careful and warmup all the way, and not do anything stupid? I know that when you injure yourself, that area is forever prone to reinjury. Girls at my studio complain, oh, my left hip always hurts when there's a temperature change. I don't want this!!! How can escape their fate?

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L'Allegro, I'm afraid that injuries are a part of life in any activity that is as physical as ballet. Sports probably have more. If a dancer spent her time worrying about this, nothing else would get done and she/he would never dance! Yes, one can be very sure to warm up properly, which is, of course, essential. However, there are just too many ways that one can get hurt, and you can't let that be a deterrent. There are just as many ways for "civilians" to get hurt, if you think about it. How many ski accidents, car accidents, falling off curb accidents, etc., etc., are there all the time? I think we just hear about the injuries and it seems a lot, but in the overall scheme of things, generally they are still a small percentage of dancers at any given time.


That said, there are things to avoid, such as bad floors, dancing cold, classes with a teacher who is not knowledgeable in how to properly warm up a dancer, choreographers who demand things that are not part of any dancers training, overwork in terms of hours, overwork in terms of specific muscle groups, etc. It's not always possible to avoid all of these things, but there are usually ways to work around them. Dancers learn that, ultimately. Unfortunately, it's usually the hard way. :)

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Paranoid :blushing: You were very close! :)

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