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Best stretch for quads

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I've been stretching my quads (doing a variety of different stretches that were suggested...thanks)


My hips have not had one ounce of stiffness or pain since I started concentrating on my quads (I've always had kind of stiff achy hips). My roomate had suggested that the pain was probably because my quads were tight. Makes sense because I'm hyperextended. I think she was right! Cool.

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I teach this old warhorse with a twist that seems to be very effective:


Lying side in any comfortable configuration (hand supporting head or head on arm, leg underneath in any position that will allow you to have a good base, etc.)


Reach back and grasp foot.


Pull up slowly as you breathe deeply and evenly.


For a deeper stretch, push your hipbones forward (you can really feel it working!)


Continue pulling/breathing/pushing for as long as you like


Remember that stretching is individual. I always give my students the bare bones of a stretch and encourage them to play around with it until they tailor it to their own bodies. This seems to work well.


Hope this helps.


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