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Guest newyorkMETdancer

I can't stress enough the importance for every serious dancer who is looking for a serious future and success in this art, to look into this absolutely amazing experience and opportunity. I know how hard it is to find a school that is well rounded with a serious, artistic and intense atmosphere, but this is it. Mr.Ellisons' way of teaching is truly remarkable, he devotes all of his time ,heart , body , mind and soul to teaching and impacting the lives and careers of his students , I being one of them. Working at least 3 1/2hours every day developing a strong classical technique is impossible not to achieve and is quite rare in this art form today. His goal of changing the future of ballet and the art form as a whole, encourages us everyday to cherish every moment and live life and dance as if there is no tomorrow. I can tell you that you wont be able to find another teacher who gives more time and individual attention than he does . He disects each of his dancers weaknesses and helps them achieve a flawless technique and artistry. In this first year of his school I have learned a great amount and it would be disrespectful to the art to not share my knowledge and pass it on to my fellow dancer that you must check out his school!


Hope to see you soon,



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Hello newyorkMET dancer, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers.


I think it's lovely that you are excited about your teacher, however, your post reads like an advertisement, which we do not do here on Ballet Talk. I'm sure that Mr. Ellison is quite wonderful, but the facts are that not everyone can study in NY, and also there are many, many wonderful teachers around the world, including all over this country, who are also brilliant in terms of teaching technique and inspiring dancers. That is what a good teacher does, and, hopefully, dancers everywhere feel this way about their schools. :shrug:


This category and forum are really about the established company schools and the well known Residency Programs, so, I'm going to close this topic.

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