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Where the mirror is when you stand at the barre


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Just wondering, does it make a difference in your dancing in general if you see yourself from a different angle at the barre? I stand at the barre, and I can see myself if I look to the side. In other words the mirror is on the side of me. I find it very annoying when I go to other studios or companies, and I can't see myself from the side. I think I can't see how turned out I am from the front, and I turn out more from a side angle because I can see it. Does that make sense? Thanks for reading!

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VBT, it is good to see the mirror from both the front and the side, sometimes. But, one really should not stand at the same place all the time, nor get in a habit of looking in the mirror too much, at the barre or in the center. The mirror is a great tool for correcting things, and often very helpful, but we must not learn to rely on it!


(Please not the spelling of 'barre' :shrug: I will fix your title for you.)

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Of course, if you are standing at a bar, I always prefer to stand right in front of the bartender. :shrug:

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Opps! I did spell barre wrong! Very funny Mr. Johnson! :shrug: Thank you Ms. Leigh. And now that I think of it, I am a little to relient of the mirror!

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Sometimes the mirror is a huge help in teaching, and a huge help to the students. But, they also need to learn to dance without it. I turn my students around a lot and make them face other directions, especially if I see them overusing the mirror. However, I would not want to be without it either.

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Sounds a bit like a "Billy Elliot" situation - a less-than-ideal classroom.

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Guest A Boy

Well actually, in my ballet school, we get taught in a church hall... B)


I am planning to change schools when I move house though (probably move schools next September), the school I'm moving to supposedly is very good, so should have it's own studio.

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That's a good thing. Actually, I took my very first ballet class in the balcony lobby of an old movie theater. The floors were wood, and the wall was mirrored, but the old dusty red velvet curtains and the general air of decay gave the place a kind of spooky feeling.

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Guest Kirena

When I was at the Briansky SI, we took class on the stage. Dancing without the mirror can be good practice once in a while. It helps with feeling the right moves opposed to just seeing it. But without the mirror, it would be quite difficult to improve, so I wouldn't stay at a permenent ballet school without any mirrors.



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Take it from a person who is relies on the mirror WAY TOO MUCH! Do not get into this habit! I didn't even know I was doing it until a classmate pointed it out- now I'm trying to get out of it but it's a lot harder than it seems! :unsure:

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I have one spot in each studio which I can stand at barre and if I don't stand there, sometimes I feel like I can't dance! Haha...this spot is right in front of the mirror........ha. I need to stop standing at the same spot and staring at the mirror!!!!! aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :(:crying:

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