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Vienna State Opera Ballet School

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Snooty Tutu

It has taken some time to research this school and talk to people and what they unanimously agreed on was that the school has declined since a shift in power. The company is supposed to be beautiful but most of the soloists/principals have been "imported" from other companies and few of the students at the school actually move up through the ranks there. There are always exceptions, of course, but right now I am looking at other places in Europe I have been accepted. I am leaning towards Heinz-Bozl academy... :shrug:

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Snooty tutu, will you check your pm storage limit please . . . :firedevil: I tried to send you a pm but it said that you either disabled that function or your mailbox was too full!

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Mel Johnson

She's only got 12 posts. Her PM function isn't active yet.

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:firedevil: Snooty Tutu: Please PM me as well when you are able to do so. We have had the opportunity of visiting Heinz Bosl this past March and perhaps would be able to answer some questons you might have. :rolleyes:
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Have you had the chance to audition in person? Visiting the school/facilities/faculty will help you with your decision :firedevil:

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An old friend of ours lives in Vienna, and was encouraging me to come live with her if I tried out for the school. I live in America, and I don't know much German. Also, (and right now this is really subjective, I'm just getting info. It probably won't work out for anotheryear...) I'm 15 and at a pretty good pre professional level, but looking for more... Can someone please comment on the ballet on Vienna State Opera Ballet School? Vienna is where my ancestors come from and I'd really like to go there if I knew more about it. Thank you!

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Please take a look at this website for a bit of information in English. http://www.opera-balletschool.com/balletts...llettschule.htm


The school has a fine reputation with a comprehensive program of study.

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