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Movies: Take The Lead

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Antonio Banderas. What's not to love? :-)

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I want to see it because I like Antonio Banderas. Also its Jojo's first movie (the singer who had a hit song about breaking up at the age of 13). I also believe YaYa from America's Next top model is in it. So it should be interesting.

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Me and my mom went to see it and we loved it. We could really identify with all those kids. Its amazing what can be accomplished with discipline and passion.

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Guest star_reacher

I have heard a lot about this movie, and I think that I am going to go and see it sometime this week or maybe even early next week!! I am very excited.

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Yes dancinqueen812, YaYa is a main character in the entire movie. I took my DD and her best bud (not a dancer) the day it opened. They both had a blast. DD's bud was a good source on the realities of NYC public school systems, she moved here just a few years back and although only in elementary school she was aware of the potential for violence there. It may be rough for some to see, but an unfortunate reality for so many even younger than those shown in the movie. Now on a lighter side....what a wonderful thing to know that so many children are being exposed to such a powerful art form, even if it isn't ballet.

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It was definitly an awesome movie. I liked the music so much that I downloaded the soundtrack which is equally as good. :yes:

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