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Need help remembering a correction?


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Tonight I was given a compliment then a correction. We were at the barre and finished off a combination with a chasse into a releve attitude balance. On my second side I sort of tipped forward, then came up, found my positioning, and was able to hold it.


My teacher pointed me out and told me I have a gorgeous sway back, but then said something about I have to watch to not bend too much? Something about I need my weight forward just slightly, and then maybe something about pulling up more through the upper body to counter-act the sway back? Is that on the right track? I've completely forgotten this correction and I know this is really something I need to work on. Can anyone help?




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Wendy, really hard to say without seeing you, but it sounds as though you may be dropping into your lower back to get the leg up, instead of lifting up and out of the supporting leg in a diagonally forward and upward movement. Swaying the back is never an option, therefore, the term "gorgeous sway back" sounds to me like a correction, not a compliment. :shrug:

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I have a sway back outside of ballet, so it is something I struggle with in ballet. I'm a little confused about where my placement should be in attitude derriere and arabesques. Some seem to pitch really forward, some seem to be almost completely upright. Judging by what you are saying it's the diagonal in between the two extremes?

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Yes, usually that is the answer. But, it must be adjusted for everyone. The degree of back flexibility and hip flexibility has to come together to find the right line for each body.

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Ok, thank you! Now I have a reference point to work with. :shrug:

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