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Ballet Florida is located in West Palm Beach, FL. It's a great small company. They have a lot of money issues, but there performances for the most part are amazing. They are often over shadowed by Miami City Ballet, but in my opinion Ballet Florida is much better. They need to do a better job fundraising, and start performing more. I would like to see them do some more classical ballets. I believe the company has 21 members and they are atteched to the Academy of Ballet Florida, which offers good training to young dancers. I think Giselle would be a nice ballet to see Ballet Florida perform. They just recently performed Romeo and Juliet and if anyone has seen it, it was great. Tina Martin is a truly gifted dancer. She portrayed the role of Juliet perfectly. The facilites of Ballet Florida need to be updated. I think that Palm Beach County is a great market for a large scale ballet company, seeing that its right next-store to Palm Beach. It also is certainly not short of a state of the art performing facility. The Kravis Center for the Performing Arts is one of a kind. I think that if Ballet Florida would stop holding back and just start performing more they would see great results. There upcoming season has some big ballets included. Locals generally perfer Ballet Florida's Nutcracker over Miami City Ballet's. They cut the live music a long time ago because of the rising cost, but I believe that if they took the risk it would show positive results. I saw Lady of Camelias when they performed it last, and that was truely a gift. It's included in the 06-07 upcoming season. It is a great ballet. I suggest that if you live in the area you attend their next performance, you will be impressed. Its a company with a lot of talent, just needs the support of the community. Vist the website, it has more details. www.balletflorida.com

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Very nice to hear such good things about this company, sbadesch! Thank you, and I agree with you that they need to be seen beyond their own city, and that putting the live music back, at least for Nuts, is really important. ! I know they have done some performances on tour, and a NY season not too long ago, but they are not really known nationally, and they should be!

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