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vasiliev and bruhn

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erik bruhn and vladimir vasiliev are so beautifull. i have never seen any dancer as beautifull as those two. i love the effortlessness and ellegance of erik bruhn . what i love about vasiliev is that even though unlike erik bruhn he does not seem to have perfect body for ballet when he is not moving , once he starts to move he turns in to the most beautifull being. they are my absolute favorites.

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Hello omshanti, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! :D


Erik Bruhn also happens to be my all time favorite male dancer! I was fortunate enough to work with him at one time in my career, and he was as perfect a gentleman as he was a dancer. :)

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wow you have worked with erik bruhn! that sounds like a dream to an adult beginner like me. was he retired when you worked with him or still dancing ? did he dance in front of you?

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He was still dancing, and I was a young dancer in the corps, at that time, of ABT. He staged a section of La Sylphide, which he and Carla Fracci danced, along with 8 of us from the company, on Bell Telephone Hour, which was live TV. It was Oct. of 1962, which was the night of the Cuban Missle Crisis, and part of the ballet was interrupted for that news announcement. However, a black and white camera kept going, and they were able to put the work on the video of all the Bruhn and Nureyev Bell Telephone Hour performances.

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wow! i have that nureyev and bruhn bell telephone hours dvd. you are one of the dancers dancing behind erik bruhn and carla fracci in la sylphide!? i can not believe i am writing to such a person. erik bruhn dances as if he is dancing on the clouds in the sky. he looks that light. i can not believe you saw it live. so which year to which year were you in ABT? you must have been a dancer when it was the golden time for ballet. all those woderfull dancers. who else did you see live? did you see alonso, youskevitch too? how about the giselle with erik bruhn and carla fracci? were you in it too? I am sorry i should stop asking so many questions. i got excited.

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:cool2: Yes, I think those years were the "golden years", in a sense. They were for me, as I was doing exactly what I wanted to do and I loved it. It was the 60's, and life was very different then. I was in ABT from '61-'66, a soloist the last 3 years. During the years I was there several well known dancers guested with the company, including Nureyev, Fonteyn, as well as Bruhn and Fracci.


I saw Alonso and Youskevitch dance when I was growing up, including their Giselle, which was very special. I also saw Plisetskaya, Vasiliev and Maximova, Fonteyn, Sibley, Seymour (danced in Giselle when she was a guest during my year at National Ballet of Canada).


Very nice to find a young dancer with some knowledge of history, omshanti! :D

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i am speechless ms.leigh. it blows my mind that you had this experience and i wish i could hear about every detail. all those amazing dancers . i really like all the dancers you mentioned. although i have seen youskevitch only in pictures,i have videos of all the other dancers mentioned. my wife adores nureyev. you must have been very good yourself.


i just prefer the dancers of the past than now. i dont know why but to my inexperienced eyes it seems like the level of classical dancing has dropped a lot.


i am still not a dancer yet, i am aspiring to be.

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