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Ballet schools in CT - Greater New Haven


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I will be conducting research at Yale University, Psychology department in July, August and September this summer. Will there be any classes available on campus?


I have read about Yale and ballet in the education section on BA, but this does more apply to year round training/semesters. I realise that the summer months are probably not the best to find loads of dance classes but I would be delighted to take class once or twice a week.


NYC is not too far away and I am sure that I will take classes at Steps now and then but as I am planning to do lots of research work, I probably will not have time to travel around so much.


Any advice appreciated (elementary - intermed level + pointe work).

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New Haven Ballet is in the middle of the Yale campus in the arts district. You can walk if you are staying on campus. They have adult open classes in July and into early August. They begin again in September. Adult open classes are Beginner/Intermediate or Intermediate/Advanced.

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Thanks for your replies. I saw that they have the option of 'barre only' as well. :-)


Are there any classes available in August (at other studios)?

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New Haven's adult ballet classes don't specify any level. Does this depend who actually turns up?

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Well, the title says it all. If any of you are aware of RAD training in New Haven (or close-by), I would be most grateful.

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Why not ask the RAD headquarters in London? They have details of all Registered Teachers who are qualified to teach their syllabus and enter pupils for exams.

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