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Books: Tune Up Your Turnout??

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Have any of you read the book "Tune Up Your Turnout" by Deborah Vogel?? It is in Discount Dance and I would like to know if it is worth buying.



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Sorry I have not seen it yet. I will start to look!

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I bought this book for my daughter through Deborah Vogel's website. For us, the most valuable information in it is the explanations and diagrams of the muscles. They really help you understand how it all works and where your problem areas might be. She also has good advice regarding increasing your flexibility and turnout through ballwork and stretching. It's not a long book and easy to read. I also signed up for her newsletter.

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The DVD does look interesting, but why does it cost $45?!?

Does the book having anything really original to say or is it the same things we usually hear about turnout?

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You can get the "Turnout" in video format for $10 plus shipping from Deborah Vogel's site.


If you go to the products page there is a link at the top of the page. It is small and written in blue. B)


Hope this helps.

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We also have the video, purchased directly from Vogel's site. It is excellent information. I have to say that I found it more educational than my dds did, for the most part. That said, they were very quick to try a few of the things suggested. I also think this would be an excellent resource for teachers, and I could even see using it with a class of students if one had the time.




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Guest tutuonmymind

I ordered a copy of the VHS format tape from the website. There is a special offer for the VHS tape for $9.99. I figured I would check it out on the cheap and order a DVD later.


I had a problem with the site when I put in my order so I wanted to let others know in case they run into the same issue. The order went through, but the site kept reporting an error with the credit part of the transaction. Something about communication. Anyway, I thought it hadn't gone through so I sent a mail-in order. Well it turns out that the internet order did go through. I checked my e-mail later, and I had a confirmation. So if you have a problem, wait a while first and check your e-mail for a confirmation before you attempt the order again or resort to manual methods.


New addition:


I just got the video today. I ordered it on Wednesday. I watched it this evening. I think it's great. I give it two thumbs up. :thumbsup::thumbsup:


The beginning really goes over a lot of anatomy which can be a little overwhelming as she uses the scientific terminology. It's a video so I can look at the picture and get the idea. I am a visual learner. So this makes everything easier to understand.


Best of all she shows safe ways to stretch effectively to increase turnout and exercises to strengthen your turnout. The video also shows the proper way to do the exercises :( and shows mistakes :angry: that you can make whe you attempt to compensate.


I think this was worth the double order. I am also really impressed with how fast I got it via priority mail.

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Thanks for the review- sounds good.

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Guest tutuonmymind

I just had to let everyone know about the great service from Deborah Vogel. As I mentioned, I sent a manual order after I had problems with the site. I just received an e-mail that they had received my manual order and wanted to know if I wanted my check returned or if I wanted another video since my credit card had already been charged.


I was able to cancel the duplicate order. That is great service! I didn't actually end up with a double order. :)

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Greetings Ballet Friends,


First time poster here, long time ballet dancer, teacher and mother of two dancing daughters. I adore Deborah Vogel's wisdom and ways of thinking. I have her book and most of her dvd's. I am always in search of articles on dance technique and injury prevention and found hers to be some of the best. I think her book, "Tune Up Your Turnout" is a must for anyone with any questions about how their body works. I educate parents with beginning students all the way through my advanced dancers with her techniques. As we all know, bodies come in all shapes and abilities with different needs.


Love the book,


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