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Books: Tune Up Your Turnout??

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Snow White! :P


Thank you for your review and we hope you enjoy our site. :P

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tutuonmymind - I second your note about how helpful Deborah Vogel is! I was having problems ordering the video on the website and I emailed her. She emailed me back and I had my video shipped out within the hour! She is wonderful. I'll of course update when I have the video.

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I ordered the DVD today as well and hope it will be benifical for my daughter. I also receive the newsletter and find the articles very helpful.


I'll also report more on the video when I receive it shortly.

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So if I could only get one, should I get the DVD/video or the book? Is the same information in both? Which would be better? Or should I get both?

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I have the book, I'm not such a big fan of instructional type DVDs, but the book is pretty good. To be honest, I'm always looking for ways to improve turnout so I've heard most of it before, but it is a good book so I'm still glad I have it. It's nothing revolutionary, but all ballet books are great so I'm always eager to hear a little more advice. Anyway I don't have the DVD, but to be honest books seem more practical.

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I also have the book. I thought the information was useful, and helped me understand what my muscles are doing for me and what I should be doing to improve my turnout and flexibility. A useful book, but not the thing I would advise running out to buy asap. It would be good for a gift, however. Ok, I sound very contradictory. Hope this helps?

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I always had a bit of trouble understanding the concept of turnout- I think the teachers I had in the past could have been a bit more thorough explaining the muscles I should be using and such. "Tune Up Your Turnout" really brings a more anatomical approach to turnout. I really saw which muscles I was supposed to be using and which ones could negatively affect my turnout if tight. There are some helpful exercises, stretches and tests that you can perform on yourself to understand your range of turnout a bit better and that help strengthen/improve the turnout you have.


I haven't been as rigorous with my daily exercises as I should be, so I haven't had a chance to see whether the exercises and suggestions do produce improved turnout, but understanding the concept is a pretty big deal and I'm sure that I understand it a whole lot better. Now I know how to go about correct my problems with turnout.


So to sum it up: Yes, informative; Unsure if effective; Recommended for understanding correct turnout.

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