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Inner thigh muscles

California Dancer

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I'am a dancer of 12 years and have always been told to use my inner thigh muscels. I have sort of big outer thighs and I always thought that it may be caused because of my hyperextension. What are some ways to get me to use these muscels and is my hyperextension a reason for my outter thighs being a little big? Also :wink: I have some issues when doing tendus. I can't close my legs to fith position without bending either the front or back foot. I also have been told that it will be impossible for me to overcome this problem due to my hyperextension once again. :) Is all this true? Are there some exercises that I can do to streangthen my inner thighs? Please help! :blink:

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There's a certain type of structure with hyperextension that makes holding onto rotation very difficult. I have very hyperextended legs, and deep hip sockets with narrow hips. Keeping my pelvis from tipping forward is extremely difficult for some reason.


I think it is possible to close into fifth without bending the knee, but I've found that I need to pull up through the pelvic floor and hold onto the rotation *Very* strongly. It's difficult with this body type. And I absolutely cannot allow my knees to travel back all the way. That shifts everything.


The strange thing is that if I take some time to adjust everything, and feel the inner thighs coming very forward, a lot of tension disappears and everything feels "easy". It's just tough to "find" it...hope that makes sense.


It takes a lot of work. Hyperextension makes everything kind of tricky. Hyperextension + narrow hips makes everything even more tricky. Sometimes, I feel like I have absolutely nothing to stand on. I really believe that I have to have absolutely perfect placement...there's no "room" for any error at all, or I just topple over :D And trying to do that without adding unnecessary tension....arghhh life's hard :P


And no one wants to listen to a dancer with beautiful hyperextended legs and small hips actually COMPLAIN about thier body. he he...

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Thanks for the advice! You are very helpful :D


I can't wait to get back to class on Monday and give all this a try! :D Hopefully it will work :unsure: I'am so tired of standing in fith postion with the front leg bent.It looks so ugly! :D Especially from the side view. Maybe this will make me stop gripping my outter thighs too! It should if I do these things and sy=tart using my inner thigh muscels. Right?! :P

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Guest pink tights

lampwick--excellent explaination . In first position, I really think about keeping all the toes on the floor, lifting up, and keeping my heels together. Some teachers accept a little gap in first, others insist on heels together...

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California Dancer, you say you are "a dancer of 12 years", but are you Adult Ballet Student? I'm asking because you have posted in several areas and we are trying to determine if you are a teen or an adult. If you are a teen, I need to move this thread to the appropriate YD forum.


Please respond to the email I sent you today, just so that I know you received it!

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This topic was originally placed on the Adult Ballet Students forum, which is why there are responses from adults. I just got it moved to YD, but leaving the adults posts, as they are valid and were posted when the topic was in their forum. :D

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