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I'm not sure what's wrong with my foot. The area on the side(outside) of my achilles really hurts after about an hour of class. It's like pain that runs about the middle part of my foot all the way to where my calve starts- there is no swelling (which I've heard is a sign of tendonitis), it just hurts to point my foot. I'm also using my achilles to point my foot- I'm beginning to re-train myself, but its so hard. Could this be causing the pain? Is there anything I can do besides doing eleves and tendus slowly trying to control my tendon? Thanks!

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Sounds like plantar fasciitis to me. Treat with the RICE protocol, and remember especially that the R means REST! Don't do exercises, don't take class, don't even run. If you don't get relief after 72 hours from starting the first aid, then go to a podiatrist to discuss ways of reducing stress on the plantar fascia.


Remember that if one connective tissue starts to give way, another has to work harder. You may have started to develop Achilles' tendonitis as the AT tries to make up for the loss of strength along the sole of the foot.

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I've had tendonitis for a year now, and i definately agree that RICE is really important after every class... you should also consider seeing a physiotherapist about three times a week, its really helped for me.

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