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Hi, i was just wondering if anyone knew anything about this school. I haven't been able to find anything about it on the board and not very much on the internet. I was just kind of wondering about its reputation if it has one and whether it is a good school and if anyone has heard anything about it. So sorry if this is on the wrong board.



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Where is this program? Do they have a website at all?

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I went to the Ballet Workshop of New England before the Artistic Director, Jaqueline Cronsberg, retired (and thus the merger with Boston Ballet--a lot of the girls from BWNE went into the intensive program at BBS). I ended up going to the Metrowest Ballet instead that was started by the assistant AD--so if you're interested in BWNE, the most similar thing that exists now is Metrowest Ballet (I've posted a few times on that, if you're interested!)

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Thanks everyone. I knew that it was in Waltham Masachusetts but couldn't find when the merge was or anything like that. I dont really know what I wanted with the information. I've been looking for some good schools in the area and the name popped up somehow and i couldn't really find anything on it. I'll probably look into Metrowest Ballet. Thanks! :wacko:

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Metrowest Ballet is fantastic-I highly recommend it! Check out my other posts about it, or feel free to pm me if you have questions.

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Is Metrowest Ballet really very good? Because a friend of mine told me aboot it, and I was considering going there next year. . .it's awfully far away, though. :lol:

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I really love it-we get so much personal attention and the teachers are really good. I've answered some other questions about it in another post but if you have any more I'd be happy to answer them!

It is a little far away (about 45 minutes for me) but it's definatly worth it, at least to me! It's really close to rt.9 and rt. 495, so it's pretty conveniently located for driving.

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Okay, I'll tell my mom about it. I searched it on Google Maps and it's about 45 minutes away for us, too. But it sounds splendid! I hope I can go!

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My sister used to dance at BWNE and I danced in the intensive track at the Metrowest studio before switching to the Boston studio. I found that the teachers and classes were better in Boston than the Metrowest studio. They both have very nice facilities though. If you are 15 or older you should definatley go to the Boston studio because they have higher levels and you get to see BBII and the company rehearse.

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I think you're talking about the metrowest location of the Boston Ballet school, while I'm talking about the school called "Metrowest Ballet"...different!

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