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SI's Doctor Evaluation Forms


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DD had her physical yesterday as part of a requirement by the SI she will be attending. The visit was fine but what I am concerned about is what the doctor wrote. First thing is she made a mistake on dd's height. DD is 5'5 3/4", the doctor wrote down 5'7 3/4". Maybe not too big a deal, but it is quite a difference. The second thing is dd's doctor is clueless when it comes to dancers injuries. She has made this very clear. In the area where the doctor was to write down prior injuries related to dance, she wrote down that dd has had a sprained ankle, multiple times. This is so far from the truth. We were unaware of what she wrote down until after we left. There is no way to go back and have this revised, if she would even do it.

DD's injury was diagnosed as a stretched deltoid ligament by another physician outside of her regular provider. It was an injury caused by improper floors.

Should we make a note of this on dd's form or just leave it be. How closely do the directers of the programs look at something like that? :wacko:

She has never had a problem with it since.

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How closely do the directers of the programs look at something like that?


I believe the physicals are required to provide proof of overall general health. I doubt very much the doctor's account of your daughter's injuries will bring it any attention. If you are a stickler for the facts (I am, so I understand), then for your own peace of mind, include a note that gives the more accurate diagnosis and source of her injury.

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DD's injury was diagnosed as a stretched deltoid ligament by another physician outside of her regular provider.

Ask this physician to write a small note correctly explaining your DD’s injury and attach it to the SI’s health form.

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Redstorm - isn't your DD attending Boston this summer? When we spoke with the SDP people about the medical form (we had a problem getting it in on time), they explained that their physical therapists would be reviewing the forms before students arrived. Not sure if this will be the same for your DD's program - but just in case. It seems a problem like you mentioned should be brought to their attention - in case there's a recurrence while she's there. Perhaps the individual that diagnosed the injury can send in a note with a bit more detail - then this can be attached to the form. You might even be able to get them to send you another form that you can forward to the other physician.

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Hi Redstorm: I would definitely try to at least call and let the Dr. know your concerns. It might be a simple addendum or something similiar.

I don't know what impact a medical form has on placement, if any. I'm pretty sure it's for the SI to protect themselves in case your dd has the same type of injury at their intensive. I think your dd is going to Dancelab, right? They have a placement audition based on age and ability the first day of the program, so as long as she's not injured during placement audition, all should be well. I'm pretty sure they don't have the girls medical records in front of them during the audition. There is a physical therapist on staff and she will observe classes every so often and give suggestions if she sees any problems, but it sounds like your dd was slightly injured (like so many dancers) and is now completely healed, so again......no worries! :lol:

(And the floors at Dancelab are wonderful, sprung with beautiful tan marley and so she probably won't need to worry about that injury this summer :thumbsup: )

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I would have the form corrected by a physician, hopefully your physician will correct it herself because it is incorrect. I know that those forms are carefully perused in hopes of coming up with ideas and personalized plans (if needed), prior to the SI, to best serve each individual's needs.

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We had a doctor who wouldn't correct similar problems on the form. We took a white sticker, typed the correction on it, and stuck it right below the doctor's incorrect mention. The SI accepted the correction, and didn't ask about it.

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Why on Earth would a doctor not correct a form if it is wrong?


Maybe, time to change doctors :P

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DD's provided is almost impossible to get into. We had to beg, plead and almost threaten to get an appointment that wasn't 3-4 months out. That was after I got past the "she isn't due for a physical for another year". :D

I corrected to height mistake. That wasn't too big a deal. I just crossed out the 7 and put a 5. Once BDL sees her, they will see why it was changed.

Regarding the injury, I wrote down, on a sticky, the real diagnosis, how it happened and how long ago. I also put the doctors name and number who diagnosed her. If Boston has an issue with it, they can try to get through.

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If it helps, my dd is going to DanceLab too, and when I had her pediatrician's office complete the Dr. form, they had erroneously noted that she never had chickenpox, of which I wrote a note beside it to say that she got it when she was five.


(Also, though she had her annual about a year ago, the Dr.'s staff completed the DanceLab form for us based on dd's records from her last physical. This is also what we did for a previous SI program (i.e., dd didn't go in for a physical specifically to get the dr. form completed) and the SI program was fine with what dd's dr. completed on the SI form.)


My take on these dr. forms is for the SI program to cover themselves legally, and to give the dks the opportunity to note anything out-of-the-ordinary on the dr. form.

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A little different take on the medical forms. Depending on the form and contents, it can provide needed information for those unforeseen clinic visits when dks are far from home. Some students are very knowledgable of their medical history and/or conditions, others are sweetly clueless. :dry: I am a nurse at a SI during the summers. I preview the medical forms for food allergies, medications, medical alerts and conditions.


Redstorm - Stretched Deltoid Ligament is very specific, which is good. Multiple sprains is pretty generic. I'm glad you wrote a clarification for the SI staff.


Sometimes I wonder if parents are worried that providing medical information will adversely affect dk's placement and/or treatment at SI's? I don't think that would happen. I hope that wouldn't happen. As a ballet mom, I want the medical providers to have all the info on my dk to assist in providing the best health care. As a nurse, I like specific, detailed information to help me provide care or assist with appropriate referrals.

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As a mom of a child with health issues, I make it a priority to MEET the nurse at every SI my daughter attends. I do not subscribe to the assumptions that bringing a concern to the attention of the appropriate people will limit your daughters placement or success at an SI. Your child's health and well being are far more important than anything else. Don't be afraid to ask questions either. You'll find most of these nurses at SI's have children that are involved in some way with the dance school or company and are very understanding, kind people. Advocating for your child at an SI goes beyond acceptance, placement,etc.

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As resident cordinator at last summer's ABT/Detroit program, it was my observation that most injuries were ones that the kids had come with and were aggravated by the increased dance time. They call it intensive for a reason! Even minor conditions can be worsened by the amount of work these kids are doing. Complete medical records are very important to the SI's not only to protect themselves but to provide the necessary treatment for the kids.

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