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DVD/Videos: Grand Pas Classique

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Can anyone tell me where to get a quick copy of ANYONE dancing "Grand Pas Classique" pas de deux?


I can't find copies of the three tapes I know it's included on: Paris Opera Ballet's "Seven Ballets"; Russian Ballet: The Glorious Tradition Vol 3; and Nina Ananiashvili and International Stars of Dance. All are old and no longer available.


Time is of essence; any help appreciated!!

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having just checked DVD against cassette, it seems the DVD releases of the 3 earlier released cassettes were combed into 2 DVDs. thus GRAND PAS CLASSIQUE - w/ platel and leriche - is inluded on DVD VOL 2 of NINA ANANIASHVILI & INTERNATIONAL STARS.

it would seem still available on amazon.

hope this helps.

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If you don't want to buy it Netflix has copies of the version with Platel and LeRiche. It is very similar choreography to what is on the Paris Opera Seven Ballets VHS.

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Ballet 1612,

Can you tell me the name of the DVD/video you refer to. I checked Netflix and the only possible DVD I saw that might have Grand Pas Classique was Etoiles. Was that the version you refer to?

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thanks rg, that helps! However, this morning I desperately ordered the VHS of Vol. 1 (Amazon didn't provide table of contents) . . . was the Pas on that tape? If not, I'll order DVD Vol. 2!!

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Amy's Mom,


For netflix it was on the Nina Ananiashvili DVD part 2, not on the etoiles DVD. Netflix seems to have a good range of dance DVD's, but it can be a little tricky to find all of them. For example, doing a search on Paris Opera Ballet usually shows only etoiles, but in fact there are many more selections available. Hope this helps.

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