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Dancegear buying habit?

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I can definitely be a little over the top in buying too much. In the winter, I'm always buying more sweaters to wear, leg warmers, and warm-up gear because the warmer I am, the better my middle-aged muscles work. Some of my classes are with younger teenages and I don't care how hot we get, I prefer them not to open the windows in the winter because I can feel it in my muscles. I never say anything, of course, just layer something else on.


I have a DD and this is her first year away at a SI for two weeks. I made sure all of her tights and leotards were clean so she could pack. I was shocked when I realized she would not have to wash any tights or leotards for two weeks because she had so much! Apparently, I'm over the top with her, too.


Someone mentioned Discount Dance which I buy through quite a bit. Sometimes they have sales where shipping is free (not sure about shipping outside of the US, though). I've also purchased just a few times from Dancegear.com. I have a local place where I buy my tights because I prefer them over all the name brands. It's their own label and I love them - I probably just got used to them.

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Elevé leotards, Bullet Pointe v-mesh leotards and skirts, seamed tights, and ballet slippers (I swear, I still haven't found the perfect ones yet!) are my weaknesses. I already had a good deal of conditioning equipment like foam rollers from other sports, so thankfully that isn't a big problem. Thankfully I'm just a beginner on pointe, so I'm not really going through pointe shoes. At least my wallet is saved from that!

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Shoes. My weakness is pointe shoes. Went through a leotard and skirt phase but mostly gave that up. Now it is shoes, since I go through a pair every 4-6 weeks....

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Just yesterday I was telling all my friends that I am cutting myself off leotard-shopping. I bought two leotards from a local store yesterday, despite knowing that I have more than enough leotards, just because they were from the same 2013 holiday collection as my favorite skirt. As I was hanging up all my leotards, I realized that I have like 12 and a severe shortage of pink tights. After I get more tights, I am officially on the dance wear wagon!

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I have the opposite problem...too many tights and not enough leotards. Do you want to trade? :lol:

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Speaking of dance gear...what about at home barres? I have been considering this for a while, but don't know if I would use it often and how it would look in my living room. I think I would use it quite a bit. I had a folding one back in the day, but it had tipping over issues - bad design. Perhaps I will invent a sleek model that will work freestanding or in a doorway that is easy to fold away. Hmmm.... I wonder if anyone else would consider this option to buy, maybe an at home Barre system needs to be designed by one of us dancers.

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I use the kitchen counter as a barre. It's about the right height and the hard floor feels OK, although it isn't sprung (obviously) so you have to really work the plies if you jump.


You can buy a portable barre quite easily - check on Amazon. Here's a DIY one [link] which is very cheap. If you didn't glue the uprights into the T pieces at the bottom but rather stuck a suitable length of dowel in the T piece so that the upright could slip over it, and sanded down the bottom of the upright a bit, the feet could be removed so that it could pack flat. Don't be fooled into thinking PVC pipe isn't strong enough. As we know, standing at the barre isn't a white knuckle ride - you don't need to grip it hard, just rest you hand on it lightly.

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A chair is enough to replace a barre - I use it regulary if I'm in a hotel room during a business trip to make a litte bit of evening ballet.


It educates to only gently use the barre, not leaving grip marks in it as in the first ballet lessons :nixweiss: . Let's face it - everything you learn at the barre should be possible later in the centre. Good to manage the rond de jambe en l'air without clutching at the barre to not topple over.


Another thing for creativity - put on your favorite songs on a mp3 player and dance your own adagio.


To not completely be offtopic:

Leggings - lot of new leggings. Since we have no class uniform of any kind we are free here. My boyfriend loves to sew them, so I dance in unicats :whistling: . Combined with a black shirt.

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leopard dancer

I am a guy too. For a while, I went on  a small binge of buying some pairs of tights as I got bored of the typical mens choices of just black and white. I looked for more colors and more variety.  This coincided with me wanting to take more classes to need those tights. Mens tights are so expensive I never went crazy though. I tried to buy strategically. I also branched out to other dance wear such as switching to canvas ballet shoes and some leg warmers. 

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